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INTRODUCING: Wednesday Night Live

The Trident Network's Twitch Channel features live shows of various types. We have variety showcases featured on Wednesday. Improv focused shows on Thursdays. And coming soon, we will have Game Night on Tuesdays and Music-focused shows on Fridays. Be sure to follow our channel to keep track of new offerings. You can also check our schedule and learn more about our performers by going to our Live Shows Page.

Tonight is the premiere of Wednesday Night Live, a biweekly sketch show featuring writers and actors from all across the globe on the funniest form of comedy, online!

Comedy relevant to this week's news with a surprisingly few amount of lags WNL is the perfect show for anyone who likes breathing air, drinking water, and being a human!

Wednesday Night Live is produced in partnership with The Comedy Lab. Many of the sketches and monologue jokes featured in the show are written by current and past students of the Comedy Lab program. But we also welcome new submissions. If you have a piece you'd like to be considered for a future show, please submit it to the show's producer Preston O'ffill.

Each show is hosted by Preston and features members of the WNL cast:

Tune in tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm CDT (6pm PDT / 9pm EDT) at

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