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INTRODUCING: The Elevator Showcase

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The Trident Network's Twitch Channel features live shows of various types. We have variety showcases featured on Wednesday. Improv focused shows on Thursdays. And coming soon, we will have Game Night on Tuesdays and Music-focused shows on Fridays. Be sure to follow our channel to keep track of new offerings. You can also check our schedule and learn more about our performers by going to our Live Shows Page.

Tonight is the premiere of The Elevator Showcase, a one hour show running every other Wednesday, that showcases artistic talent in various mediums. Each of our performers gets five minutes to showcase whatever they want. The goal is to share the great work of our performers and connect them with people who want to support, represent, or work with them.

The Elevator Showcase is produced by an amazing duo, who passionately work to share and amplify as many voices as they possibly can.

If you are interested in performing in the Elevator Showcase, fill out their submission form or send the team an email.

Tune in tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm CDT (6pm PDT / 9pm EDT) at

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