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INTRODUCING: The Witching Hour

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The Trident Network's Twitch Channel features live shows all through the week that run the gamut of genre and style. You can find each week's schedule on Trident's home page and you can learn more about our shows and performers by going to our Live Shows Page.

Tonight is the premiere of The Witching Hour. Want to dive into the world of tarot, but not sure where to start? Or maybe you think your friends are taking their horoscopes too seriously? Either way this show is for you!

In this monthly installment, self-proclaimed experts Emma and Kayla guide their audience through the world of Arcanas, Astrology and Moon Cycles (without taking themselves too seriously). Equal parts satirical and informative, all levels of experience are welcome!

Close your eyes, relax and enter…The Witching Hour.

Tune in tonight (Thursday) at 9pm CT at

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