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Trident's 2nd Birthday Stream Recap

We had an absolute blast at our 2nd Birthday Party! If you missed all the fun, we have recordings of each segment you can watch on our YouTube channel!

Founder, Val Agnew's introduction as well as conversations with Maria Konopken, Carly Heiser, Justin Swinson, Em Smith, Ryan Burkett, and Nia D'Emilio

Coven Crossover:

A spacey chat featuring hosts from The Witching Hour, Sparks of Madness, The Spark, and other Trident friends

Trent does a set with his own tech support, Val

Justin challenges hosts from Gone But Not Forgotten, Smashing Game Time, The Spark, Disney Adult, DCOMmentaries, and The Tournament Podcast in three rounds of the stupidest quiz show around

Staying Relevant:

Duke & Marsha are trying to be cool for their daughter. Hosts of B!tcherton, Pilot Season, DCOMmentaries, Disney Adult, Gone But Not Forgotten, Inconceivable, and hosts of two new upcoming shows try their best to help!

Ryan is joined by hosts of of Dr. Pants' Books on Tape on Demand, Inconceivable, I Love Improv! with Trent Dozier, and The Spark to create a brand new pilot, Baby Wars.

We hope you enjoyed the show!

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