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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 1/30/22 - 2/5/22


The Tournament Podcast

Welcome Back, Tourney

Nia and Trent ARE BACK!

Pop Culture Period Piece

Down with Love

Laura and Julie started the romantic month with Down with Love

Disney Adult

A Very Marvel Christmas

Devin wrapped his epic journey into Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe

Season 3 Episode 28: Spiderman: No Way Home (ft. Nia D'Emilio & Trent Dozier)


Best Random Ever

Season 1 of Best Random Ever is being released in web series form over the next few weeks. The 7th & 8th episodes, covering Gratitude and Intention, are out now


Trident Trivia: Feeling '22

Becky and Kristen brought the 2000 trivia this week! Stay tuned for the next Trivia night so you can show off your big brain!

Forgot to Mute

The Elevator Showcase

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