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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 8/28/22 - 9/3/22


Reframing Sharon Tate

In part one of two, host Audrey explores the life and career of gone-too-soon celebrity, Sharon Tate.

Jake, Welcome to Dubai

Turning Red

Julie & Laura wrap Animation August with the newest edition to the Disney collection - Turning Red

The story of Joel and Yolanda Konopken

In their season finale, Maria and Julie are joined by Maria's parents for a special story

Cigi Farmer

Trent and pal, Cigi Farmer took a small town girl to the big city for her big break

Best Donut Flavor: Bracket Reveal

Trent & Nia are doubling down on food with a donut rivalry for the ages


The Witching Hour showed up for a new moon this month and gave the Wheel of Fortune a spin!

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