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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 8/7/22 - 8/13/22


Smashing Game Time

#032 – 2011 Q3: Add Josh to the Multiversus

Pop Culture Period Piece


Julie & Laura enjoy NOT Disney classic Anastasia in this week's episode


Gotta Kick It Up

Al & Val try out for the dance team with America Ferrara and Susan Egan in this Disney Channel based-on-a-true story

Disney Adult

Sleeping Beauty

Devin is joined by Audrey Schiffhauer & Sara Dirks to talk spindles and sorcery

The Tournament Podcast

Best Family Guy Character

Trent & Nia find out the people's choice for best Family Guy Character (it's Meg)



Viscount Vivian and Duchess Fiona celebrate their penultimate episode with some STEAMY discussion

I Love Improv! with Trent Dozier

Trent was joined by former teammate Molly Kessler for a fun (not scary at all) romp at the mall

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