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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 12/11/22 - 12/17/22


Remembering Natalie Wood (Pt. 2)

Audrey does a deep dive on Natalie Wood

Game of the Year Multi-Episode!

The Coffmans celebrated the holidays with the first two episodes of their 5-part series


Al & Val interviewed screenwriter and professor, Stu Krieger to learn about his path to Disney Channel, his experience working with Steven Spielberg, and his crush on Hayley Mills

The Crown: Pilot Episode

Julie & Laura embrace the family drama again with The Crown

Tim Lyons

Trent welcomed Thirst Trap Tim onto the show and they had a contentious bus ride with Alf


Carly brought some joy and pep to close out the year!

Em and Kayla met with Temperence and listened to fungus!

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