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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 2/28/22 - 3/12/22


A League of Their Own

Laura and Julie are celebrating women this month. They started off with A League of Their Own and Spencer

Devin Henderson

Trent was joined by Trident's very own Devin Henderson last week and it was WILD.


Al & Val were joined by special guest, Beth Kuhn Metzler to discuss Disney Channel's Motocrossed, starring Alana Austin & Riley Smith

The Best Big Screen Batman Results

THE Batman might be out in theaters now, but Trent & Nia found out who of his predecessors was THE BEST Batman

The Adam Sandler Movie

Trent & Nia foray into the debate every millennial has been having since middle school


The Whole Party

We had so much fun last week at the Trident Network's 1st Birthday! You can watch the full stream recording now!


The MEGAPOD, featuring hosts & segments from I Love Improv, Disney Adult, Unlearning, The Tournament Podcast, DCOMmentaries, Pop Culture Period Piece, and Good Game, is on all of those show feeds for your enjoyment


The Elevator Showcase

The Elevator Showcase featured a delightful cast of characters last week!

Justin found himself wrangling some feisty contestants this week

Trent went back to high school with the delightful Miranda Rozas this week

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