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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 1/23/22 - 1/29/22

We haven't done a weekly round-up post in a few weeks so here's what you missed over the holidays and this past week!


That Thing You Do

Laura and Julie hang out with American treasure, Tom Hanks, in That Thing You Do


Al & Val continue spook-uary with Disney Channel's Phantom of the Megaplex, featuring none other than Mickey Rooney

A Very Marvel Christmas

Devin continued the march into Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe

Season 3 Episode 27: Eternals (ft. Garret Kelly & Adriana Trajkovski)


Season 1 of Best Random Ever is being released in web series form over the next few weeks. The first two episodes, covering emotional regulation and flow, are out now

Killing Time with Boris

Roll Models takes the concept of killing time to it's logical (and hyperliteral) conclusion


We had the week off, but you can watch re-runs of all of our shows at any time

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