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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 7/24/22 - 7/30/22


The Complication

In the 4th episode of Inconceivable, the rift between the friends grows wider even as they need each other the most

#030 – 2011 Q2: Great Tight Gameplay

The Coffmans keep it tight this week

Operation Mincemeat

Julie & Laura join Colin Firth (and this absolutely FIRE cast) on Operation Mincemeat

Get a Clue

Al & Val solve a mystery with Lindsay Lohan and Brenda Song in this Disney Channel classic


Devin is joined by David Tarantino and Daniela Aguilar to discuss glass slippers and fairy godmothers

The Tourney Awards

Trent & Nia are joined by Trident founder, Val Agnew, for their celebration of 100 episodes


Trent was joined by lovely young man, Justin Embrey, to talk about how Trent is always following Justin, and how getting physical can work in any medium

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