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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 3/27/22 - 4/9/22


Pop Culture Period Piece

Laura and Julie explore the themes of growing up with Big Fish and School Ties

I Love Improv with Trent Dozier

Rose Amer

Trent was joined by old pal, Rose Amer, for some Hungry Hungry Hippos



Al & Val watched, hated, but enjoyably discussed Disney Channel's Hounded, starring Tahj Mowry, Shia LeBouf, and Ed Begley Jr

The Tournament Podcast

The Best Oscars Best Picture Nominee

Trent & Nia found that listeners, for once, were in line with the Academy!

The Best French Fry Shape

Trent & Nia ask the tough questions about potato sides - like ARE TATER TOTS FRENCH FRIES?!


The Elevator Showcase

The Elevator Showcase finally reached their floor. Enjoy our first show's last show.

Forgot to Mute

FTM had a fun silly time per usual after a short hiatus

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