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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 3/27/22 - 4/9/22


Laura and Julie explore the themes of growing up with Big Fish and School Ties

Rose Amer

Trent was joined by old pal, Rose Amer, for some Hungry Hungry Hippos


Al & Val watched, hated, but enjoyably discussed Disney Channel's Hounded, starring Tahj Mowry, Shia LeBouf, and Ed Begley Jr

The Best Oscars Best Picture Nominee

Trent & Nia found that listeners, for once, were in line with the Academy!

The Best French Fry Shape

Trent & Nia ask the tough questions about potato sides - like ARE TATER TOTS FRENCH FRIES?!


The Elevator Showcase

The Elevator Showcase finally reached their floor. Enjoy our first show's last show.

FTM had a fun silly time per usual after a short hiatus

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