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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 10/17/21 - 10/23/21


Pop Culture Period Piece

We Summon the Darkness

Laura and Julie continue the spookiness with We Summon the Darkness

Disney Adult

Season 2 Episode 5: Finding Nemo (ft. Surena Marie & Maria Konopken)

Devin and his guests dive deep into Finding Nemo



Al & Val surf all the way to Hawaii with Rip Girls

The Tournament Podcast

Best Weird Al Song

Trent & Nia celebrate Weird Al's Birthday by definitively finding out what his best song is


Stupid Games Stupid Prizes (PREMIERE)

Justin is joined by contestants Ryan Lippman, Tori Wynn, and Jared Chapman for some dumb stupid fun!

The Elevator Showcase

I Love Improv with Trent Dozier

Trent is joined by the delightful Hannah McDonald for a magic show

The Witching Hour (PREMIERE)

Emma Smith and Kayla Mulliniks got witchy with our first late-night show!

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