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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 10/3/21 - 10/9/21


Pop Culture Period Piece

Fear Street: The 90's Revisited

Our history podcast is getting spooky this month. Their first installment is the 90s horror flick, Fear Street

Disney Adult

Season 2 Episode 3: Toy Story 2 (ft. George Owens & Laurel Zoff Pelton)

Devin and his lovely guests dig into heartwrenching Pixar classic, Toy Story 2


Alley Cats Strike

Al & Val head to the lanes for bowling night with Alley Cats Strike

The Tournament Podcast

Best James Bond

Trent & Nia pit rugged vs refined in this timely bracket


D*CKS Web Series

Our noir-comedy web-series released its 8th episode this week. The gang finds themselves walking in circles.


The Elevator Showcase

I Love Improv with Trent Dozier

BFFs reunite in this week's episode of I Love Improv. Cam & Trent discuss the power of silence in an improv scene

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