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INTRODUCING: Forgot to Mute

The Trident Network's Twitch Channel features live shows of various types. We have variety showcases featured on Wednesday. Improv focused shows on Thursdays. And coming soon, we will have Game Night on Tuesdays and Music-focused shows on Fridays. Be sure to follow our channel to keep track of new offerings. You can also check our schedule and learn more about our performers by going to our Live Shows Page.

Tonight is the premiere of Forgot to Mute, an interactive comedy show featuring short form games (think: Whose Line is it Anyway) and fun videos.

Tune in every other Thursday to listen in when the cast forgets to hit that mute button!

Forgot to Mute is produced by Maggie Paino and host Michael Shambo. The show features Kait Burch and Derek Martz.

Tune in tonight (Thursday) at 8pm CDT (6pm PDT / 9pm EDT) at

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