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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best Bo Burnam Special

Pour me a drink, and clear my schedule: we’re finding out which Bo Burnham special is the best one. For over a decade, Bo Burnham has been gracing our screens, big and small, with his sharp humor, killer melodies, and his unique musings on the world around us. From “Words, Words, Words” to “Inside,” the kid from YouTube has grown into the voice of a generation, insisting on making art that doesn’t always fit the mold of traditional stand-up comedy.

If you’ve been a Bo-head for years, then you already know the drill. But for the uninitiated, I’ll break it down. Bo Burnham was one of the first teens to rise to fame via YouTube, making a splash on the platform in 2006 by recording and uploading videos of his verbose and hilarious original songs. By the time he was 18, he released an album and had signed with Comedy Central for his future comedy endeavors.

When Bo was just 19, his first hour-long special, Words, Words, Words, was released. Since then, he’s put out three more hour-long(ish) specials: 2013’s what., 2016’s Make Happy, and 2021’s Inside. These are the four specials in question. Recency bias would have us predict a clear Inside victory, but what about the Kanye-esque rant from Make Happy? Is “Right Brain vs. Left Brain” from what. something that could allow it to squeak through to the winner’s circle? Or will nostalgia reign supreme and declare Words, Words, Words the victor? The only way to find out is to listen, vote, and then listen again!

Oh, and by the way, while we’re both fans of Mr. Burnham, we decided to call in an expert for this week’s podcast. Hannah Rehak is an essayist, comedian, podcaster, filmmaker, and certified Bo-head based in Chicago, IL. Follow her on Twitter @inanimatecub or on IG @hmrehak.


7/26 - 7/27: Opening round voting for this bracket

7/28 - 7/29: Championship voting

7/30 - Winner reveal on a brand new Results Episode of the podcast

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