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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best MTV's The Challenge Competitor

You knew we had to do it! After mentioning MTV’s The Challenge on nearly every single episode of the podcast, we thought that we had to dedicate an entire week to it! And since Season 37: Spies, Lies, and Allies just premiered, now is truly the perfect time.

So what is MTV’s The Challenge? Literally, it’s a reality competition series that has contestants compete in challenges that require some pretty incredible athletic ability, and it all culminates into one, big, multi-day final challenge. Spiritually, it’s what podcaster and sports journalist Bill Simmons calls “America’s Fifth Sport.” It’s also our own host Trent’s favorite thing. Of anything. Period.

There are a million different ways that we could break MTV’s The Challenge down into brackets, from best daily challenges to best elimination challenges, most iconic contestant meltdowns to season location. And while we love what The Challenge is all about, it wouldn’t be possible without the people who play the game. So, that’s this week’s bracket: Which Challenge Competitor is the Best Challenge Competitor. After rewatching the entire series last year, Trent consulted his spreadsheet of Challenge stats to narrow down the 300+ people who have competed on a season of The Challenge into a nice, clean 64-person list. Now, that list is in a bracket, and you get to vote in it. Go do it! *TJ Lavin airhorn blows*

We couldn’t do this one ourselves, even though we both watch the show. For this episode, we brought in Challenge enthusiast and second-oldest Dozier brother Bryce Dozier to help us break down this bracket. We hope you enjoy our trio’s commentary (and bad Kyle impressions).


8/16/21: Opening round voting

8/17/21: Second round voting

8/18/21: Sweet Sixteen voting

8/19/21: Elite Eight voting

8/19/21: Final Four voting

8/21/21: Championship voting

8/23/21 - Winner reveal on a brand new Results Episode of the podcast

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