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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best Oscar Best Picture Nominee

It’s hard to get excited about much these days. Between the pandemic, global conflict, and climate change, it’s hard to find the joy in things, even some of this nation’s most time-honored traditions. Did you watch the Super Bowl this year? Catch the State of the Union last month? Are you keeping up with March Madness? If you’re anything like this, it’s been hard to find the constants in our lives that make us really excited and enthusiastic. But a couple of times a year, there are those traditions that you wouldn’t dare skip, ones you’d hold rain or shine, just because they mean that much to you. That is what the Oscars mean to us.

Now, we weren’t always Oscar freaks like we are now. Nia started watching the Oscar Best Picture nominees in 2017, and Trent started in 2019 (at Nia’s behest). Now, it’s quite literally, a whole thing. We constantly update our lists and rankings, and we have left the movie theater twice this Oscar season in a screaming match over the merits of the film we just saw (West Side Story was a tough sell for Trent). It is our Super Bowl. Our State of the Union. Our March Madness (maybe this whole podcast is, actually…). And we couldn’t be happier to be back in action, giving you our takes on this year’s “best” films according to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which has made significant changes in the last couple of years in an effort to be more reflective of a diverse body of movie goers.

Personally, we’re slice of life people, so for both of us, our top three movies were CODA, Belfast, and King Richard. But maybe you loved Dune because you love a big fantasy movie, or West Side Story because you love the return of the movie musical. Did you love or hate Power of the Dog and Don’t Look Up (tough year for Netflix)? We want to know everything. So let us know as soon as possible by voting in our second annual Best Picture Nominee tournament.

Vote here!!!!!!

Voting Schedule:

Play-In: Monday 3/21

Elite Eight: Tuesday 3/22, Wednesday 3/23

Final Four: Thursday 3/24

Championship: Friday 3/25, Saturday 3/26

Winner revealed right after the Oscars on Monday 3/28!

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