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Top Ten Best Halloween Candy

With Halloween upon us, there’s only one thing to ask: which Halloween candy is the best?

Usually in these blog posts, I wax poetic about whatever the tournament is. I tell you how I feel, the cultural relevance, and hint at our predictions. But something we never do is give you our own list in writing, and that’s kinda how the sausage is made here at The Tournament Podcast! So we’re gonna give you the Top Ten for each category we run a tournament for!

To make our master list, we consulted the following lists and “crunched numbers:”

And after crunching the numbers, here are the top ten Halloween candies:

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Much to the chagrin of the co-host of the Tournament Podcast who is allergic to peanuts, these Halloween favorites topped our best Halloween candy chart. The cups have power; we can’t deny it. But do they have the power to win? Only you can tell us.

2. Snickers

Yet another candy with peanuts! If Betty White can’t reel you in on Snickers, we aren’t sure what else will! While Snickers also seems like a staple of the candy world, we noticed from our own trick-or-treating experience that it wasn’t it’s all cracked up to be (this means we got a lot of Snickers trick-or-treating and we didn't really eat any!).

3. Twix

Left or right Twix? Which team are you on? These chocolate-covered caramel sticks are heaven if you’re looking for a softer treat with fewer allergens. But is their lack of peanut strong enough to take down the top two not once, but twice?

4. Sour Patch Kids

Our first fruit-based candy of the tournament! The Sour Patch Kid slogan–“first they’re sour, then they’re sweet”–really says it all. These gummies pack a two-for-one punch that’s hard to beat, and it’s why we think they’re the top fruit snack of the candy!

5. KitKat

Break me off a piece of that! KitKats are as good a candy as they are a fun project. The chocolate? Perfectly melty. The cookie? Perfectly crisp. The act of breaking apart each piece? Perfectly fun for the whole family. But crispy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is probably why this chocolate favorite isn’t number one.

6. Butterfinger

We’ll be honest and ask the impossible: does anyone actually like these? We know they shook out to be sixth on our Top Ten list, but when we had our discussion, we realized that none of us actually like these? They’re also…orange? I don’t know, we’re out on these. Change our mind.

7. Starburst

Mmmmm. Starburst. Our second fruit-forward candy in our Top Ten list, and we definitely think they’re great. Chewy and fruity? And you never know which one you’ll get?! Sign us up. Our only concern is that Starburst were carried to the seven seed by Pink alone. What do you all think?

8. Skittles

Skittles, the M&M’s of fruit candy. Listen, between the Berries & Cream campaign and however many bonkers “Taste the Rainbow” campaigns have surrounded it, Skittles has massive brand power. And they’re the only candy of their kind! They deserve the eight seed.

9. M&M’s

M&M’s, the Skittles of chocolate candy. Whether you’re at the movies or trick-or-treating, M&M’s are simple, classic, and delicious. But are they too basic to make a run? The colors aren’t even different flavors!

10. Nerds

Listen, I think we all know that Nerds Rope carried Nerds into the top ten. But maybe those little boxes are the perfect Halloween candy, too! Only you can tell us by making sure Nerds make a Cinderella run in this thing.

And it wouldn’t be an introduction to the episode if we didn’t brag about this tournament’s guest! The mastermind behind “Best Halloween Candy” is none other than Scottie Salton. Not only is Scottie our very good friend, but he was also on Season 20 of Big Brother! For real!!

To learn more about our Halloween candy tournament—the top 24, which candy was cut, and which candy we (incorrectly) predicted to win–check out our new episodes here!

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