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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best Ice Cream Flavor

We can all agree that this has been a wild summer. Between COVID’s ever-presence, the uncertainty of the Infrastructure Bill being passed in Congress, and Lil Nas X and Kacey Musgraves releasing their new albums within weeks of each other, our heads are spinning, and we have no idea what the rest of 2021 holds for us (Student debt cancellation? New music from Taylor Swift? Who knows…).

But some summer things, like soaking up the sunshine and sneaking a dip in the nearest body of water, won’t ever change. So as summer comes to a close, we thought we’d sneak in and ask for your opinion on the ultimate cool treat: Which ice cream flavor is the best ice cream flavor?

Oh, The Tournament Podcast is asking another food-related question? That’s right. Newsflash: these are TIMELESS, and we know you have opinions! It’s very possible that a classic base like Vanilla or Chocolate will win this time around. But it’s also entirely likely that a complex mixture like Moose Tracks or Rocky Road will take home the ultimate prize. And then there’s always the frightening thought that Mint Chocolate Chip could best all of the other flavors. We make our predictions and tell you our opinions in our brand new episode below.

And as always, we need you to vote in this thing! Without our A-Tourneys at Pod, there’s no tournament. Vote here to determine which flavor is truly the best. And go get some ice cream before the first day of fall!

Voting Schedule:

Sweet Sixteen: Monday 9/20

Elite Eight: Tuesday 9/21

Final Four: Wednesday 9/22

Championship: Thursday 9/23

Winner reveal on Friday 9/24’s episode!

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