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How to Support Trident: Subscribe on Twitch

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Or in the Twitch vernacular -- give us a sub!

Our live shows that air on our Twitch channel (and there are more coming soon, btw! Get excited) represent one of our three main prongs of content. They exemplify the hard work behind the scenes to construct the show, from a technical and content perspective. And of course the amazing talent of those performing in them every week.

We recently unlocked the ability to earn money on Twitch. Firstly, just by tuning into our stream, you will now see an ad before the show. That earns us a few cents so thank you for that. But there are more active ways you can support us if you are so inclined.

Give us a Sub!

On Twitch, subscribing to a particular channel means you are giving support for a month (or on a recurring basis) and getting some perks in exchange for your subscription (a basic sub costs $5).

Perks include a fun badge on your name in chat. Access to emotes you can use anywhere on Twitch. Trident's Twitch mascot is PARTY DOLPHIN! Party Dolphin is here to bring a smile to your face and make it fun to express your joy in our shows or any others on Twitch.

Down the line might also include member-only shows or access to our fan community chat and more.

Sub for FREE

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, then you can actually give Trident a sub at no additional cost to you. Every month, as part of your Prime membership, you get one free Twitch sub that you can give to any channel you like. You just have to follow these steps to do so:

  1. If you have not done so yet, go to and create an account

  2. Go to and sign in using your prime account information

  3. Once you are logged into your prime account, click on "Link Twitch Account" on the left hand side

  4. Go to and click on the Subscribe button -- there should be an option to use your Prime Sub, select that

  5. Voila! You have given us a couple bucks in earnings for the month without any additional cost to you!

You can continue to give us your monthly free sub as long as you want to. You will just have to go back to our channel each month and click the button again.

Sub for $$$

In much the same way that Patreon allows for a monthly subscription to give ongoing support to a project or organization, Twitch does that for each channel. So you can subscribe at one of their three tier levels ($5, $10, or $25) and set it to be one-off or recur monthly, and for as long as you are a subscriber, you will have access to subscriber perks.

All you have to do is go to and click the subscribe button and select the option you want.

Gift Subs

If you are feeling generous, you can also give monthly subscriptions to other people. You can learn more about all the different ways to do that here, but basically you can click on the subscription button and there will be additional information there about how to give someone a gift subscription to our channel.

Bits for Bits!

The other way you can financially give to a channel is using bits. This is essentially the currency of Twitch. You can exchange dollars for bits by clicking the "Get Bits" button at the top of the Twitch window. Since Twitch gets its cut when you purchase the bits, every single one you give to a channel is theirs to keep. Think of it like giving a tip to a channel or show you like.

These are the primary ways you can support us financially on Twitch. They all will allow us to keep providing a platform for our members to put their work into the world and will give us opportunities to expand to more programming and offerings.

However, you can also always support us just by coming to our shows and telling people about them. You are important to us as a fan whether or not you can or want to support us with money.

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