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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best Pizza Topping

We here at The Tournament Podcast are always asking hard questions. Oftentimes, we ask you to make difficult choices in very serious situations, matters of “this or that.” This week is no different, and we’re asking what is perhaps the most difficult question we’ve ever dared to ask: Which Pizza Topping is the Best Pizza Topping?

Pizza, much like baseball or Bud Light, is an American pastime. No party, big or small, would be complete without a stack of pies from your favorite joint. But how often do you find yourself at one of these parties with the decision makers, fighting for a Hawaiian pizza or fighting against the inclusion of black olives on the veggie pizza? We can safely say we’ve all been there, and it’s a situation that’s inspired us to ask our question on this week’s episode.

In reality, you could put anything on a pizza and legally call it pizza. But there are a few mainstays, a few ingredients that when they garnish a crust full of sauce and cheese you know you’re in for a good meal. After scouring the internet for a variety of top 10 lists, we, your hosts, feel we’ve found the best 16 pizza toppings around. Naturally, as is our nature, we threw them into a bracket. Now, we’re asking you to tell us which topping you think is the best.

Wanna vote? Look no further than the vote center.

Sweet Sixteen Voting: Monday 9/6

Elite Eight Voting: Tuesday 9/7

Final Four Voting: Wednesday 9/8

Championship Voting: Thursday 9/9

Winner Reveal on a brand new episode: Friday 9/10

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