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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best Ride in Walt Disney World

As we’ve said at the beginning of most of these blogs, it’s been one heck of a year. For many Americans, it's been hard to find moments of pure reprieve, places where we can just relax and smell the proverbial roses that represent life’s simple pleasures. And while these past eighteen months have been harder than most in many of our lifetimes, there has always (or for the last 49 years and 361 days) been one special place that has seemed to deliver right what we’ve been looking for at just the right time. There are few places in this country that bring unbridled joy to so many people, but the number one location for such a boost of serotonin can be found in, of all places, the middle of Florida. It’s Walt Disney World, y’all. And we’re diving in.

At 42.47 square miles, Walt Disney World is a city in the Orlando area that boasts four theme parks, two water parks, the greatest outdoor shopping center of all time (Disney Springs, not the old and ugly Downtown Disney, gross), and over twenty-five uniquely themed resorts. There’s so much to talk about, from cool hidden spots to our favorite restaurants and the best time to go to the most magical place on Earth, but we thought there’s nothing more universal about the Disney World experience than the main attraction: THE MAIN ATTRACTIONS.

With a property as large as that, you’d probably expect some of your favorites not to make the list. Trust us when we say that it was hard for us to let go of some of ours. But we think you’ll find a fair representation of rides from each of the four main theme parks, and you can listen to our personal thoughts, feelings, and hot takes about each ride in our brand new episode of the podcast below:

It’s also important to remember that Walt’s original concept for Disneyland was to build a place for families so that they could experience fun together. So we thought, who better to have on than our own family? This episode features Nia’s brother Michael and sister-in-law Kelsey, two people who have been on countless family vacations to Disney World and are definitely certified experts in the Lake Buena Vista cultural scene.

And once you listen, or if you already have your opinions locked in, don’t forget to vote in our tournament all week! You can find the link to vote right here.

Voting Schedule:

Monday 9/27: Opening Round Voting

Tuesday 9/28: Sweet Sixteen Voting

Wednesday 9/29: Elite Eight Voting

Thursday 9/30: Final Four Voting

Friday 10/1: Championship Voting

Saturday: Results on a brand new episode of the podcast!

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