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We're Turning 1! We're Having a Party!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

We are very excited to be approaching our first birthday! And in honor of that HUGE milestone, we're having a party. On March 4th, 2022, we'll have a marathon stream on our Twitch Channel featuring content from each of our branches. There will be shows, games, and discussion throughout the afternoon and evening.

The fun starts at 3:30pm CT where you join the Trident Leadership team in celebration and discussion about the last year. We'll also feature shorts and clips from our favorite video contributors, as well as trailers for all our amazing live shows!

At 5:30pm CT we'll be live-recording a MEGAPOD, a podcast episode featuring many of our current hosts and their favorite show segments.

At 7:30pm pm CT we'll start TRIVIA NIGHT! Bring a team or just yourself and compete in our birthday-themed trivia night! Register yourself or your team now!

And we'll wrap up, say goodbye, blow out our candles at make our wishes at 9:30pm CT

Join us for any or all of the festivities. It is FREE. It will be FUN. And you will get to experience so much of the incredible talent we are lucky enough to share the Trident community with.

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