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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best Donut Flavor

Imagine, if you will: it’s Friday morning, 6:00 am. You’re dragging your body downstairs to greet your parents. It’s the end of a long school week, and you don’t know if you can make it to the weekend, even though it’s less than twelve hours away. Sleepily, a fist rubbing your eye, you ask: “What’s for breakfast?” Your dad, who is at the head of the table, reading the Sports section of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, says, “We’re gonna go get donuts.” Your eyebrows go up, and you can feel the corners of your mouth curling into a smile. Your Friday is saved, and you’re preparing your body to ride the donut wave into the weekend.

This was my (Nia) experience through my latter half of high school. Every Friday morning, my dad and I would drive to our local donut shop, The Daily Grind, to grab a “Pittsburgh creme” and whatever donut my dad got. The “Pittsburgh creme” is just a whipped-cream-filled, chocolate-glazed donut. Krispy Kreme calls this donut a “Kreme-filled” donut. Since my mornings at The Daily Grind, it’s been my favorite kind of donut. But I’m sure it’s not everyone’s favorite. In fact, I know it’s not everyone’s favorite. You can’t even get it at most donut shops.

But what is everyone’s favorite donut flavor? Or worse, which flavor is actually the best? Like Bernie Sanders asking for money, we are once again asking you to answer an impossible question for us. It certainly won’t be easy, but after the drama surrounding our Best Cereal bracket, we decided to keep this week’s tournament in the breakfast family.

So check out the tournament. See what even qualifies as a donut (remember the tater tot fiasco?). And then tell us which one you think is really the best. Simple glazed? Powdered? Seasonally themed? The choice is up to you.

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