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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best French Fry Shape

Have you ever seen the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? It’s a really gut-wrenching drama with some light-hearted humor. Maybe people would even call it a dramedy (I wouldn’t). Anyway, the C plot of the movie is that Endora, Iowa is getting a Burger Barn, which is a chain restaurant, one of a couple of chain things that are encroaching on the quaint small town. While most of the people are skeptical of Burger Barn, Tucker Van Dyke, played by a young John C. Reilly, is enthusiastic about it. As he’s eating lunch with Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp) and Bobby McBurney (Crispin Glover), he pitches Burger Barn by talking about the way they cook their French fries. “Look, they use canola oil, okay? You know what Canola oil is? You probably don’t…it’s cutting edge. It creates a crispier French fry and a more unique product.”

The movie isn’t about French fries, but it’s a quote that really stands out because John C. Reilly’s performance is so passionate. Every time people debate the merits of different fries, I think of this scene. And when we recorded our latest episode, it was really all I could think about. If there’s one thing we’re sure people have opinions about, it’s food. And what food could be more universal in the United States than the French fry?

We’re giving you ten options, okay? Just ten. In reality, French fries probably vary from brand to brand. Cuts are never identical, and seasonings come in all spices. But we chose then that are different from each other and have made a name for themselves in the French fry world. These are fries you can get at a fast food restaurant and fries you’d get at some fancy gastropub.

So which will it be? Will the standard fry beat the competition? What about a more fun fry, like curly or waffle? Is the crinkle-cut dead? Do you guys actually like shoestring (personally I think they’re the Jared Leto of French fries)? There’s only one way to find out. Vote here, every day, for the next week to crown a victor in what we think has the potential to be our most contentious tournament yet.

Voting Schedule:

Play-In: Monday 4/4

Elite Eight: Tuesday 4/5, Wednesday 4/6

Final Four: Thursday 4/7

Championship: Friday 4/8, Saturday 4/9

Winner crowned on a brand new episode on Monday 4/11!!!!

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