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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best Thanksgiving Side

Ahhh, the holidays. A time when the air is a little colder and the kitchens are a little warmer. And the takes? They’re piping hot. We’re not gonna get in on your family drama; that’s for you to deal with (and for you to tell your family members to believe in basic human rights). But we’re going to do what we do best here at The Tournament Podcast and add fuel to an already raging fire. On this week’s episode, we’re asking you, your family, and your friends: which Thanksgiving side is the best Thanksgiving side?

We know, we know. You all have your own quirky traditions and no Thanksgiving is complete without [insert weird family recipe here]. The Thanksgiving meal is so customizable, in fact, that all of the lists we consulted to make our seeding this week barely had any overlap. But we really do believe that the top sixteen represent some Thanksgiving stapes. As always, there are a few wildcards, but would it be a tournament if there wasn’t?

So grab the laptop and pass it around the old dinner table. We want everybody’s wrong opinion on this one, so force them to vote here. Shoutouts to both Chobani and Life Alert, without whom this episode would not have been possible (#iykyk). And congratulations to Hannah and Kyle!! What happens in San Diego stays in San Diego ;)

Voting Schedule:

Sweet Sixteen: Monday 11/22

Elite Eight: Tuesday 11/23

Final Four: Wednesday 11/24

Championship: Thursday 11/25

Winner reveal on the day after Thanksgiving! Whole new bag regarding what sides become after Thanksgiving, so who the heck knows.

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